Last week, Dublin played host to the AWS re:Invent re:Cap event—an intense day of tech updates, networking, and knowledge exchange. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Generative AI Takes Centre Stage
  2. Networking Innovations Behind the Scenes
    • Colin Whittaker spilled the beans on SIDR, AWS’s hybrid networking model. It scales effortlessly, connecting hundreds of thousands of nodes. And guess what? Automation handles 99% of AWS data centre hiccups.
  3. Post-Migration Strategies: MOM Approach
    • David Anderson preached the concepts of Modernize, Optimize, Monetize!
    • Migrating to the cloud is just the beginning; success lies in what comes after.
  4. Hugging Face and Open-Source AI
    • Julien Simon demystified machine learning models. Forget the models; it’s all about the datasets. Fine-tuning is the secret sauce.
    • HuggingChat was introduced, ChatGPT’s newest rival.
  5. Serverless and DevTools.
    • Lamda Functions are 12 times faster.
    • Elasticache, now available for general use, brings serverless caching capabilities to the forefront.
    • S3 introduces a new feature—S3 Express One Zone—perfect for AI model training and lightning-fast transactions.
    • AWS Step Functions continue to captivate developers, especially since their seamless integration with GitHub.
    • Secrets Manager now requires just a single API call to retrieve all essential application secrets.

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